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Laylizzy – Big Swag [LETRA]



Laylizzy – Big Swag [LETRA/LYRICS]

1st Verse
I told Pizzy I got bread let’s get this butter
I’m down for the set but my echelon is upper
My rhymes complex, you should put me on the cover
Yea big swag ladies wanna be my lovers
Black hoodie on I had to go under cover
Police tried to get me after the popo with no rubber
Comin in my space trinna lock up all my brothers
That shit was a movie on a Friday, Chris Tucker
Big fish from the indico smoking indica
Move like a major but we on that indy vibe
Rappers doing txuco txuco hoping lizzy dies
Knock on wood thank the lord that I’m alive
Big swag I don’t wear designer to get validation
Don’t take many pictures when I’m going on vacation
Privacy is key I need time for meditation
My raps flossy but you bums can get some education
Big Swag nigga Big Swag
Big Swag nigga Big Swag
Big Swag, Big Swag
2nd Verse
I fly economy for economy
10 years old flying business man that aint new to me
Daddy been a g where you think I got the genes
They tried to send him off they never made it fuck a plea
We the royal family we gon die without dying
258 right behind me when I’m riding
Disrespect I’m quick to check I aint lying
Call up tek get the tek gimme the tec imma fire
Yea yea yea
OH WAIT, bring the swag back
Bring it back, back back
Next best, seem like Tumi said that
Roll up a quick one overseas that’s a fast jet
I cannot share your energy I aint gon pass that
Fat Tony, when I tell my mans go in
Sauconi, when I run your city homie
La na banda dizem lizzy baby tem tonche,
Que se a lixem os que disseram que eu não vou longe
Futsekane, kasi I mhaka muni,
You want problems Nino got no time
hit me back at noon
Plus I got a deal to close in France
I’ll be packing soon
When I move it’s all about the bag
I just bag and move
Police radio
Music police
We just got wind of the suspects
From Mozambique also known as the 258
Going high speed in the city of Johannesburg Bryanston drive
Screaming big swag and Young Nino Brown
All authorities should be alerted
These guys are going to be a problem, over
Big Swag nigga Big Swag
Big Swag nigga Big Swag
Big Swag, Big Swag.
#Laylizzy #BigSwag

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